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3D Wayfinder

IntIntuitive search and quick find

Shopping in 3D! With our innovative three-dimensional directory, visitors can quickly and easily get an overview of what the center has to offer and find the fastest route to their destination. A search box allows you to search for categories such as “shoes” or “cosmetics” as well as for specific keywords, products, shops, and even restrooms and ATMs. In addition to the practical search feature, you can view your route from either the first-person perspective (3D) or a bird’s-eye view (2D). The route is displayed as an animation and you can even follow it on your smartphone. To do so, simply scan the QR code shown next to the 3D route animation. You don’t need to download a special app.

Kiosk: www.g3d.me/to/altmarktgalerie
Mobile: www.guide3d.mobi/100046 | QR-Code